KHOJKARE is India’s largest online B2B platform known as Local Search Engine . Khojkare is a business growing platform full of fastes and advanced features. Khojkare connects users and buyers with sellers.Khojkare aims to do business Fast, Free, Easy to make.

Khojkare Business Listing Service

Khojkare is a local business listing platform that provides many services through the Khojkare
app. Khojkare connects and supports all the A2Z service providers and product suppliers of the world on its platform and also works for the users who do their work. Difficult to get or product

1. High cost.

2.Not receiving good service or product.

3.Not receiving good service or product on time.

4.Non-availability of service provider or goods supplier.

5.Not to deliver the service or product on time by taking money.

6.Dependence on a service provider or product supplier is not complete.

7.Lack of more options

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KHOJKARE is the one stop solution for
All of you Go through home / office or other
related requirements and select the list
you want and make your schedule

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Schedule a service through our friendly customer care or via email or through our interactive Helpguru App. The ease of doing things will turn the entire process into a breezy affair.

Book Service

After going through a few user friendly steps in which you will be asked to specify your requirements such as time of service etc. and you are done with in hardly any time.

Service Delivery

With the completion of the booking process you will receive a confirmation and after that, at the appointed time, get ready to experience khojkare professional touch.

Trusted Professionals

The experts on the panel of Khojkare carry with them long years of experience in their respective fields. Having handled leading brands you can trust these trained professionals with your eyes shut.

Affordable Pricing

It is said that quality has no price, but with Helpguru you can get your things done at charges which are not only competitive but will also deliver maximum value for your money.

Reliable Service

Total peace of mind, that’s what we at Helpguru strive to ensure for all our customers. This is a value that we have ingrained in all the professionals on our panel.

Quality Assurance

For us quality comes first. It starts with employment of quality professionals and high quality spare parts, if any replacement is required, to transparency in the process.

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Abouts Lead manager

Khojkare provides the lead manager with the listing service for its suppliers from where suppliers can view their business updates and get user leads with the help of lead manager but many suppliers have the lead manager in their mind. Some questions will be what is the lead manager? , What are the total benefits of the lead manager? And how is it used? Below are some related to the lead manager’s benefits and their features, please read the complete.

What is a Lead Manager?

Lead manager is a supplier tool from which suppliers can view their business development status such as profile impressions, business list rank, delivered leads, business profile shares, messages, pending messages, business profile view, ratings and reviews, lead section, etc.

What are the benefits of lead managers?

1.Suppliers can connect to their users through direct messaging system through Lead Manager.

2.Suppliers can know about their pending messages through lead managers.

3. Receive leads from users with their business categories from the lead manager

4. Can view and respond to the rating and review given by the customer from the lead manager.

5.Lead Manager allows suppliers to see the total views of their business profile.

6.Lead Manager allows suppliers to view their business profile sharing count.

7.Lead manager allows suppliers to know their business listing rank.

8. How many users reached the business profile of the users can see the impressions.

9.Suppliers can see how many leads have been delivered and delivered.

10. Business performance allows suppliers to see the performance of their business.

How to use lead manager?

To use Lead Manager, you have to be a service provider or product suppliers, then to use Lead Manager, first of all, you have to download the Apk file of the app or Android, mobile application from the Apple Store and then khojakre your service or product. In the business listing options, your business has to be listed, after listing, you will get the option of Lead Manager on the home page of the application, from which you can get your business development status and leads, in addition to the problem related to the lead manager or business listing. Please share your problem on Thank you.


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Khojkare also provides other services with
its technical team for users with Business Listing Services such as creating a platform
for users to develop web development, web designing, framework development, E-commerce
development and other services. Provides various services to its customers worldwide


KHOJKARE understands the design you describe to According your needs and helps you to According your needs so that you can stand out and better than millions of other websites.


Khojkare creates user-friendly websites and applications to delight and completely satisfy its users. Khojkare’s aim is to provide a seamless user experience for those who use our services.

Mobile App Development

Khojkare develops fast and smooth mobile applications that fully satisfy its users. Our main objective is to create world class applications for our customers worldwide.


Learn about the extensive list of services, khojkare helps in data analysis, advertising, site performance and more. Also helps in developing the business.


Apart from the core parts, parts that are specifically designed or coding and optimized for their app or website are used to a great extent.


Logo designing
Web designing
Mobile Website Designing
Graphic designing
Banners designing


Web Application Development
Open source Costomization
E-commerce Solutions
Content Management System
Android App Development
WordPress Development Service

Mobile App Development

iOS App Development
Flutter App Development
Progressive web Apps


CRM- (Customer Relationship Management)
POS – Point of Sale
Content writing


SSL Certificate


Khojkare provides app and web development
solutions to its users in this way


Khojkare works for users, determining the
concept and feasibility of the project.


When the project is approved by Khojkare, the project team can proceed with the design of the material along with the individuals or objects needed to implement the project.

Project Testing

When the project is worked on by Khojkare. The khojkare team then proceeds with the project testing process and these are the characteristics of khojkare.

Project Lunching

The development phase and testing phase
prepared for the project launching process
proceeds with customer satisfaction and
approval after completion of the project.


After successful completion of the project
by khojkare , khojkare provides support for
the projects of its customers and helps in
successfully resolving the problems faced
by the customers in the Projects.


After the launching project we provide our customers free maintenance for at least 30
days and more than 1 year as per their project and project budget.


Khojkare Business Listing Service also provides digital marketing service along with software service that provides services like SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, etc. to the users who need it most. Provides various services for.

Khojkare ads Service

Banners ads
Video ads

Massaging Services

WhatsApp bulk messaging service
Bulk Email Marketing Services
Bulk contact messaging service

Online Marketing

Digital Marketing
Search Engine optimization
Social media optimization
Pay per cleck


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